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Are You Doing What You Love To Do?

By Donna Krech
Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation Expert
Updated: July 03, 2008
This past weekend I got to see all the things and people I love put into one weekend, and I was again reminded that what I love to do is teach you how to accomplish your dreams by doing what you want to do.

Friday, John and I spent exploring the Capitol. I remembered why I love this man so much as we discussed and practiced throughout the weekend what we teach about keeping marriages healthy and alive.

I had the experience of travel! I love to travel!!! It can be to a place like DC that I've been to time and time again and I still love it! And I love to share with people how to make the most of their experiences. Regardless of your income level, I can teach you how to travel in style!

I visited with Yanik Silver Friday night. Yanik is a 33-year-old multi-millionaire who's figured out how to make TONS of money in his sleep. He's driven to succeed and LOVES to talk marketing and spend adventurous times with friends. He drives an Aston Martin and has a new 8,000 square foot home. He's also crazy about Missy, his wife, who will give birth to their second child this Friday. Yanik and I have a cool relationship. He's asked me several times why I'm not sharing with others more of what I've done to become so successful. I'll be sure to tell him I'm sharing this with you. :>)

Andy Miller was there too. He's one the highest paid sales management trainers in the world. His license plates read GRATEFUL because he recovered from a life-threatening illness. Rob Olec was also there. Rob spent the evening serving others by making dinner for Yanik's family, building a toy for Zak, Yanik's son, and he prepared appetizers, poured wine, and moved furniture that Yanik needed moved. In short, he served his friends. 'Nuf said; my friends have their priorities right.
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Saturday we toured several museums and relived lots of history. My patriotism was stirred to the point of passion. Should you and I get to spend time together one day, I can show you how easy it is to stir up the passion in your life.

Saturday evening we went to Ebenezer's Coffee House and listened to Mark Batterson speak. Mark is the author of In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day, a book that is causing a breakthrough in my life. I CAN'T WAIT to share its message with the world. I got to interview Mark after he spoke. He's an amazing guy.

He's amazing for several reasons, one of which being that he's a pastor. His church is as 21st century as they come. It is a multi-church, meaning it has multiple venues, many services, some of which are done via video and none of which has a steeple. His congregation is 78% single 20-somethings and his passion is clear. He believes God wants us to live on the offense, not the defense. Rather than running away from what we don't want to have happen, Mark is convinced God wants us to fervently run toward all the blessings He has in store for us.

So there's another thing I love - studying for myself and then telling other people just how crazy God is about each and every one of us!!! We can't even imagine the enormity of the blessings He has for us if we'll only accept them.

Sat. night I spent a romantic dinner with my love. We talked and talked and talked.

Sunday we shopped. OK, I love to do that too. But more so, I love the fact that I can do it. Remember, I was once uncertain as to how I would feed my child. Being able to shop just because I want to is still something I am so grateful for.

I spent the weekend doing what I love, and I pretty much keep those things in mind with all that I do everyday. Now I am sharing the story with you so you can begin doing what you love, no matter what that might be. I am confident I can help you do that. I can help you make your life easier, your business brilliant and your body fantastic. If you'd like to spend a couple days with me in my home, sitting together, learning together, creating your amazing future together, click here and I'll get you information on what's coming up shortly.

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