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Accordion Rye Rolls
Ready Time: 50 Min
"These rolls will make anyone like rye bread. Even though Mom fixes the dough a day ahead, she bakes them right before serving so they're hot and fresh. Any extra effort in making them is well worth it. -Alyson Armstrong, Parkersburg, West Virginia"
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Afternoon Tea Scones
Ready Time: 30 Min
"'Your guests will love these scones served with butter, jam or jelly,' suggests Ruth Ann Stelfox of Raymond, Alberta. 'Or try them as an addition to a weeknight meal. Your family's eyes will light up when they see a plate of them on the table.'"
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Alison's Gluten Free Bread
Ready Time:
"Yummy bread without a speck of gluten."
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Almond Citrus Biscotti
Ready Time: 1 Hr
"'Often, I'll package some of my home-baked biscotti with a mug and a special blend of coffee to give as a gift,' says Claire Brogren of Winside, New York."
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Almond Crescent Buns
Ready Time: 40 Min
"Breakfast or brunch bun with the added crunch of toasted almonds."
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Almond Croissants
Ready Time: 45 Min
"These tender croissants are a little lighter than others I've tried. A close friend of mine serves these every Christmas and Easter."
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Almond Rhubarb Coffee Cake
Ready Time: 45 Min
"'This moist golden cake stirs up quickly and is long on old-fashioned flavor,' reports field editor Dawn Fagerstrom from Warren, Minnesota."
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Almond Rusks
Ready Time: 45 Min
"I grew up in Scandinavian community and enjoyed many Swedish treats as a child. This is one recipe I've kept through the years, and it's become a favorite snack for my nieces and nephews. It is crunchy yet not too sweet...a delicious treat to take along on any outing!"
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Almond-Honey Wheat Bread
Ready Time: 3 Hrs 10 Min
"'I have two bread machines, and i keep both of them going when the grandkids come to visit,' explains Ray Rowe from Cadiz, Kentucky. 'Featuring plenty of crunchy almonds, this bread is the best of any we've tried. We think it's particularly good toasted.'"
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Almond/Apricot Coffee Cake
Ready Time: 1 Hr 10 Min
"This is my favorite family recipe. The almonds and apricots make it a colorful coffee cake and an outstanding dessert."
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