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Jeff Anderson is known in fitness circles all around the world as the “Muscle Nerd” and revered as the “Champion of the Average Joe” searching for what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to transforming their body by building muscle while burning fat.

Jeff’s unique background in the fitness industry began as a Master Fitness Trainer and Weight Control Specialist for the U.S. Army where he was charged with maintaining the physical fitness and combat readiness of the troops in his care.

Having trained thousands of troops over his 10 year career in the military, he became especially gifted in aiding those soldiers challenged with unwanted weight gain in getting back to the military’s “fit to fight” standards...with a 100% success rate!

His ability to adapt military principles of fitness, fat loss, and strength building to his fitness programs for his clients carves out a special niche in the bodybuilding and fat loss industry that has grown tired of the same old “eat this and do this exercise” advice.

Jeff’s military directness and gift for being able to develop “out of the box” programs that cross over gender and age gaps has earned him a loyal following of men and women from all walks of life who hang on every word of his cutting edge research and eagerly await the advanced training knowledge he’s committed to supplying.

This never-ending quest for the most advanced strategies in building muscle, burning body fat, and living a longer, healthier, happier life have led to his development of such programs as:

Combat The Fat – a natural weight loss program utilizing secrets learned while serving as a Master Fitness Trainer and Weight Control Specialist in the military.

Optimum Anabolics – an all natural bodybuilding program designed to help the average person gain muscle mass without the use of dangerous drugs or fancy equipment.

Homemade Supplement Secrets – a revealing expose of the gritty supplement manufacturing underworld and how to literally make your own sports supplements in your own home without any special knowledge or equipment to save hundreds of dollars.

Forever a “Muscle Nerd, Jeff is currently an online fitness consultant and author, armed with his dumbbells, notebook and pocket-protector, researching and testing the next new controversial bodybuilding and fat loss discovery.

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