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Ambrosia Pudding
Ready Time: 20 Min
"Ambrosia Pudding is a speedy and special way to round out this menu. ' Serving this in a parfait glass showcases the layers,' noted Debbie Jones of California, Maryland."
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Angel Pudding
Ready Time: 20 Min
"It has angel food cake and pudding and candy! It's just so good."
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Apple Tapioca
Ready Time: 1 Hr
"Serve this warm spiced apple mixture over frozen yogurt or angel food cake for a delicious down-home dessert. 'It's tasty on a cool evening or anytime for that matter,' comments Dorothy Pritchett of Wills Point, Texas."
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Aunt Mazo's Dessert
Ready Time:
"The richest dessert I've ever tasted! A sort of a caramel pudding. It's so rich you'll probably only want a small serving . . . You can substitute Cool Whip for the real whipped cream if you want to save some calories, fat, and/or money in this recipe. (The way it stands, it costs over $15.00 to make!)"
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Avocado Dessert
Ready Time: 40 Min
"This is an avocado whip my mum makes. Give it a shot! All my friends were apprehensive at first, but then loved it when they tried it."
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Baked Cream of Coconut
Ready Time: 1 Hr 5 Min
"A friend told me once of this very easy to make dessert and I could not believe how easy it is to make and how good it tastes! Everybody loves it at home. It will taste even better the longer you leave it in the refrigerator!"
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Baked Custard for Two
Ready Time: 45 Min
"Alpha Wilson, a field editor from Rosewell, New Mexico, shares a sweet treat she and husband Thomas (pictured at far right) enjoy frequently--Baked Custard for Two."
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Baked Pumpkin Pudding
Ready Time: 50 Min
"Even after you favorite turkey dinner, you'll find room for this perfect pudding dessert--a treat served hot or cold. Mildly spiced, it will leave you sweetly satisfied, but not overly full, assures Gerri Saylor from Graniteville, South Carolina."
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Banana Custard Pudding
Ready Time: 20 Min
"Banana custard Pudding is easy to stir up anytime, assures field editor Hazel Fritchie of Palestine, Illinois."
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Bananas Foster Pudding
Ready Time: 1 Hr 50 Min
"Bread, bananas, banana liqueur, cream and pecans are the featured ingredients in this slowly baked pudding spiced with cinnamon."
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