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Alison's Gluten Free Bread
Ready Time:
"Yummy bread without a speck of gluten."
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All That's Good Cookies
Ready Time:
"These cookies are really good served with vanilla ice cream because they have a Big chocolate flavor. For chocolate lovers everywhere!"
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All-American Strawberry Pie
Ready Time: 20 Min
"Sweet, red strawberries combined with pretty, tart blueberries, all layered atop a creamy vanilla pudding...that makes a red-white-and-blue pie that my grandmother would serve every Fourth of July!"
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Allison's Supreme Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ready Time: 40 Min
"Extra rich chocolate chip cookies. These stay soft a long time!"
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Almond Apricot Bars
Ready Time: 1 Hr
"Apricot jam provides the fruit flavor in this small pan of sweet dessert bars shared by Olga Wolkosky of Richmond, British Columbia. 'They freeze well and are always a hit,' she relates. 'They're also good with seedless raspberry jam instead.'"
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Almond Bark Drop Cookies
Ready Time: 30 Min
"This big recipe is quick and easy. It's great for cookie exchanges, or those times when you need a lot of cookies. It's an easy recipe for kids to help with too."
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Almond Bars II
Ready Time: 25 Min
"Very simple and delicious. Got recipe from my ex-mother-in-law many years ago."
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Almond Biscotti
Ready Time: 50 Min
"'I've learned to bake a double batch of these crisp dunking cookies, because one batch goes too fast!' notes Mrs. H. Michaelson of St. Charles, Illinois."
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Almond Brittle Torte
Ready Time: 1 Hr 25 Min
"'I brought this impressive cake to my bridge club potluck - and now they want in every time we meet,' says Marrian Storm from Athol, Idaho. 'Homemade brittle makes it extra special.'"
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Almond Butter Icing
Ready Time:
"Light almond flavored icing, great for sugar and butter cookies. You may need as little as 4 cups of confectioners' sugar; just stop adding it when you've reached the desired consistency."
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