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Richard Marc

Richard holds a Diploma of Exercise Science and Fitness Management. He began his health career at just 17, being the youngest qualified and registered personal trainer in Australia. He went on to be the director and owner of Australia's first private fitness studio.

From there he took his career overseas on both American and English passenger cruise liners, in which he presented health, wellness and nutritional seminars to the thousands of passengers on board.

Richard returned to Australia and drew his focus heavily in the areas of health and wellness for families, with his true passion in the area of children and adolescence. Richard specializes on working closely with the entire family educating them on all levels of health to ensure it is a complete lifestyle change. He evaluates and educates families on positive, healthy changes that can be made instantly in the environment within their household and their lifestyle. Throughout the programs Richard has developed, he personally consults and trains children and families providing them with a simplified approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Some of these steps are evident in Richard and Joey’s upcoming book“Please Mum, Don't Supersize Me!”due for release in book stores early 2008 through Rockpool Publishing.

Joey Marc

Joey’s background in the health and wellness field is extremely diverse. She holds two diplomas, a Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Education.

In the past 10 years, Joey has worked with children ranging from the ages of three – 12 years, focusing on primary/elementary and secondary students. She has experience in teaching Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (primary/elementary, and secondary), Special Education and Dance. Along with teaching in a variety of schools Joey has coached many kids sporting teams such as hockey, swim squad, softball, cricket, volleyball, basketball and netball teams. She also has furthered her career at the Royal North Shore Hospital as a coach of vocational camp in which provided sporting programs and activities for children.

Joey ventured into her own business “Happy Kids Fun Parties” which provided birthday parties for children four to twelve year olds, with the aim to promote parties that are fun yet active and healthy too.

Joey continued her passion and skills of educating children through the Aussie Kids Rock band Kids4Life, who entertain and educate kids on the importance of being active, good nutrition, positive self esteem, goal setting through their live shows, CD “Be wat you wanna be” and their DVD “K4L’S Best Day Ever!”. She has appeared in many media streams including magazines, newspapers, radio and television. Throughout Kids4Life Joey was able to spread the word about healthy living to thousands of kids internationally.

Already regarded as fantastic role models in the health and wellness field, Richard and Joey Marc continue to follow their passion of reaching as many families as possible worldwide, with the ultimate goal of helping families of the world to live a healthy lifestyle.
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