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Tomato Sauce Recipes

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Arrabbiata Sauce
Ready Time: 35 Min
"Spicy and delicious. Ideal on penne pasta."
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Best Marinara Sauce Yet
Ready Time: 45 Min
"This is a very easy homemade red sauce, and the only one my 5 year old daughter will eat! Serve with your favorite pasta."
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Best Spaghetti Sauce in the World
Ready Time: 25 Min
"Fresh and soooo tasteful, you'll love it! Vermouth and chicken stock add depth of flavor."
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Big Pot Sauce
Ready Time: 4 Hrs
"Slow cooked sugo (spaghetti sauce) just like Nonna's."
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Big-Batch Beef Sauce
Ready Time: 1 Hr 30 Min
"'I prepare this beef mixture on weekends when I have a little more time,' relates Debbie Hodge of Kitscoty, Alberta. 'Having it in the freezer is a real time-saver during the week and a great way to serve unexpected guests.' She uses the versatile sauce to get a head start on casseroles, stews and several swift suppers she shares here."
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Bolognese Sauce with Meat
Ready Time:
"A recipe for your basic tomato and meat sauce. Serve with your favorite pasta and a nice loaf of sourdough bread."
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Easy Pizza Sauce I
Ready Time:
"A simple pizza sauce used by many pizzerias. The thickness of the sauce is regulated by the amount of water used; it should be somewhat viscous."
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Easy Vodka Sauce
Ready Time: 1 Hr 20 Min
"This is a great and simple sauce to make. Tastes delicious over any pasta! I especially love it with lobster ravioli."
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Everything in the Fridge Pasta Sauce
Ready Time: 30 Min
"Late coming home from work? Kids asking, "What's for dinner?" This chunky sauce is for you. It only takes minutes to make. Serve over angel hair pasta with sprig of fresh basil for garnish."
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Grandma's Homemade Italian Sauce and Meatballs
Ready Time: 9 Hrs
"This recipe has been handed down for generations and is always a hit. Both the sauce and meatballs freeze well. I freeze in dinner size portions so my husband and I don't have to use the bottled sauce!"
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