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Almond Maple Granola
Ready Time: 1 Hr 35 Min
"This granola is good and crunchy with lots of sweet flavor, thanks to the pure maple syrup and dark brown sugar. It uses a lot less oil than some granola recipes. Can be made 1 week ahead."
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Baked Oatmeal Squares
Ready Time: 35 Min
"This quick and easy Amish breakfast bar recipe is one of my most cherished because it's hearty and flavorful. My wonderful husband loves to eat...especially what I make!"
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Banana Nut Muesli
Ready Time: 10 Min
"Although I love the flavor of homemade cereals, I rarely have time to make them from scratch. But this cereal is so wonderful not only because it's's made the night before."
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Chili 'N' Cheese Grits
Ready Time: 50 Min
"Although I live in a big city, I'm really a country cook. Most of our friends laugh about eating grits, but there's never any leftovers from this recipe.--Rosemary, West, Las Vegas, Nevada"
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Cinnamon-Raisin Granola
Ready Time: 35 Min
"'This granola recipe makes a great late-night snack,' explains Ida Grove, Iowa field editor Tammy Neubauer. 'I like that it's nutritious, too.'"
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Coconut Granola Bars
Ready Time: 40 Min
"'These quick-to-fix bars are wholesome and delicious,' assures Maria Cade of Fort Rock, Oregon. 'I sometimes make them for bake sales.'"
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Crispy Baked Oatmeal
Ready Time: 35 Min
"Shirley Martin of Ephrata, Pennsylvania says this change-of-pace cereal is a hit with her family. With cinnamon and chocolate chips, the mixture is sure to be popular with yours, too."
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European Muesli
Ready Time: 2 Hrs 20 Min
"I first enjoyed this scrumptious, nutty cereal in Germany and Austria, and more recently at the Naramata Centre in British Columbia, Canada. It's excellent mixed into fruity yogurt."
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Fruit 'n' Honey Granola
Ready Time: 1 Hr 40 Min
"Great tasting granola sweetened with honey. A very versatile recipe as your favorite nuts and dried fruit can easily be substituted for those listed."
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Fruit 'N' Nut Granola
Ready Time: 1 Hr 50 Min
"The combination of crunchy nuts and chewy fruit makes this granola a hit for breakfast or snacking. It's packed with lots of ingredients that taste great."
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