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I was the ‘fat kid’ during my childhood. ‘Porky’ and ‘Spanky’ were just a few of the names that other kids and family members used to get my attention. My physical and emotional genetics did not indicate that I would one day become a top personal trainer and fitness coach to others all over the world. My desire to feel and look strong and healthy helped me beat my obsession with food and led me down the path of optimal fitness of the mind, body and spirit. My personal success turned into a desire to help others to achieve the same success.

In 1992 I graduated from SUNY at Buffalo, NY with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. In 1997 I graduated from Long Island University in Dobbs Ferry, NY with a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. I’ve been helping people break through physical and psychological barriers to achieve life-changing levels of strength, energy, flexibility and ‘balanced’ fitness since the late eighties. I, along with my team of five trainers, developed a large following of clients in the Lower Westchester, NY and Southern Fairfield, CT areas until 1999.

In 1999 I sold my in-home and office personal training business and moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL to open The GAC Personal Training studio. 17 years of experience, a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology, a dynamic personality and a keen sense of how to coach the human mind and body toward its genetic potential have given me the tools necessary to help people ranging from pure beginners to seasoned fitness professionals move forward in their quest for optimal balanced fitness.

"My training philosophy and general approach to fitness are very unique compared to everything else that is out there and my business model is considered unorthodox by my industry peers. It is these traits that allow me to gain the trust of a wide variety of people looking to achieve self improvement. My system provides the tools to deliver results that clients have not been able to experience before. And as you know, when clients are achieving success, the people around them want to experience the same success. It’s contagious and inspiring.” claims Joey.
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