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At age 38 John Benson was like so many of us, overweight and out of shape but unlike the majority of us, he decided to do something about it and that "something" has evolved into a roadmap for fitness success for the 40 and over set.

"Five years ago, when I was sick, fat and slowly dying, I accidentally stumbled onto a simple secret that not only took off the excess weight and saved me from an early grave, but also exploded my energy and health to levels I never even dreamed possible," said Benson in an recent interview. "Since then, I've spent the last few years "tweaking" and perfecting this amazing health and fitness breakthrough and putting it into a format that anyone can use to get the same type of incredible results that I was able to achieve."

Benson makes some very strong claims about his new book, "Fit Over 40" and those who have tried the system seem to agree that, simply put, it works!

When confronted with his Doctor's ultimatum, "Lose weight or you will die" Benson turned to a very unusual source for diet and fitness guidance. He dug out a video series he had purchased from motivational speaker, Tony Robbins and one single concept from that series he claims, changed his life forever. That concept was "Role Modeling."

Role Modeling, for those of you who are not familiar with the concept, occurs when you find people who have the skills, knowledge, or results you desire, and you simply copycat their methods, allowing you to duplicate their results quickly and efficiently.

Searching for role models with who had overcome circumstances similar to his own and had maintained their success over time, Benson studied the methods of Clarence Bass, author of "Lean For Life" and the "Ripped" book series. He also studied Dr. Richard Winett, author of "Ageless Athletes" and founder of "Master Trainer" magazine.

Both these authors obviously knew how to maintain tremendous fitness and super low body fat at over 50 years of age. Bass was tested at the Cooper Clinic in Texas with 2 percent body fat when he was 56 years old. Dr. Winett achieved 5 percent body fat and a 27 inch waist at age 52.

Benson continued his research by studying the amazing stories (and physiques) of former Mr. Universe, Dave Draper, and former Mr. Olympia, Frank Zane. These men were bodybuilding legends in the 1960's & 1970's, but more impressively, they have maintain unbelievable physiques well into their 60's. Benson was also influenced by fitness icon Shawn Phillips, trainer extraordinaire Roger Applewhite, and also Jay Robb,

Benson stresses that his modeling research was "NOT based on reading or mere observation, but on sleeves rolled up, down in the trenches, up close and personal work with many of these people and exhaustive hours of interviewing with many others." He states further, "I doubt that anyone has had as much opportunity as I've had for close observation of dozens of Over-40 Fitness success stories - in the gym as well as in their natural habitats and everyday lives. "My "insider access" allowed me a stunning peek inside their heads to find out how they think and inside their gyms and kitchens to understand how they eat and train."

Benson discovered that all these "success stories" contained common denominators and simply developed a plan around the very best information gleaned from them.

Benson states, "My results were astonishing" and claims that "within 12 months, I totally reversed the damage I had done to my body and literally slashed at least 10-15 years off my biological age."

Benson's progress over a 12 month period is nothing short of amazing. His body fat decreased from 38 percent to 9 percent, his muscle mass skyrocketed by 14 pounds, his strength almost doubled, his waist quickly shrank from 44 inches to 33 inches, his aerobic capacity increased, his blood pressure dropped, his resting heart rate fell from 98 bpm to 59bpm, his hormone levels evened out, and at age 40 he has achieved the best shape of his life.

Strong claims from a man who obviously believes in his methodology and has proven to himself that his methods do work.

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