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Posted June 23, 2008 2:04 PM GST

Possible Harmful Effects Caused By Past Diets

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Over the past few days, ever since New Years Eve, The National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center has been bombarded with questions about the possible harmful effects that their past diets might have caused.

It seems like everyone’s tried diet after diet in the past and are now concerned with how to fix any internal problems they may have caused.

Well to help alleviate some of the fear that’s out there, Christopher Guerriero. Founder of the NM&L Research Center answers a few of the basic questions here:

Q: “Could I have caused permanent damage by following a high protein diet?”

A: If you haven’t yet experienced any major health problems, then it’s not too late to reverse many, if not all of the negative side effects that usually follow a program like that.

Q: “I think I’ve damaged myself internally by following this fad diets (like Atkins, the 3-hr diet, or the Sonoma diet)…HELP!“

A: First, relax! Then simply stop doing the things that... Read More
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Posted June 22, 2008 3:45 AM GST

Watch out Starbucks...

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Forget the espresso and Starbucks’ chai tea. Thick, light green mustaches are appearing in some parts of the West Coast and the trend seems poised to sweep across North America. A very potent green tea called Matcha is the cause. It’s become all the rage in Vancouver—right in Starbucks’ backyard— and interest is ramping up in California.

East Coasters are still forced to sort through the seaweed and sushi rice on the shelves of Asian markets for Matcha. But that’s about to change. It’s expected to begin taking over coffeehouse menus and going mainstream in lattes, smoothies and facials.

Matcha, imported from Japan, is completely different from other teas or coffees. You don’t make it by passing hot water through the leaves. The matcha leaves are literally crushed by the server into a concoction to which water is added. In other words, you end up consuming the actual leaves. And that’s why matcha contains much higher concentrations of catechins and vitamins than your average... Read More
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