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The HealthLife Club
Lean, Healthy, Energized - for LIFE! TM
Just imagine being able to choose your favorite foods… and then being handed a customized meal plan - one that not only includes your favorite foods, but includes mouth-watering recipes and an easy shopping list – so that right from day 1, you get started on losing weight!

Then imagine choosing from a list of your favorite activities, and having an activity program designed JUST FOR YOU, based around the exact calories you need to burn according to your age, your sex, your time frame, and the customized meal plan you just chose!

That’s right – as a HealthLife Club member, all you have to do is choose your favorite foods and activities, and we’ll put it all together and hand you a fun, custom-made plan to get you to your goals.

But there’s more… because this isn’t just about weight loss – it's about being fit forever...
Get started today and you also get:
HealthLife Motivation and Support – did you know that 53% of people quit their diet within 2 weeks! So we’ve brought together some of the worlds top experts in healthy living, in personal development, in goal setting and achieving, in personal motivation, and so much more.

We’ve all come together because we believe it’s time that you know how to achieve greatness in every area of your life – and equally important – to have a community that facilitates your growth, your freedom, and your happiness.
HealthLife Expert Guidance – If you’ve got questions about the best way to lose those stubborn inches, lower your cholesterol, boost your energy, build lean muscle mass, or how to instantly look 10 pounds lighter – you’ll find the answers here – answers that are based on your questions, not questions from the masses – so you never have to worry that you’re getting partial, generic information.
HealthLife Variety – Your body is going to change on a weekly, if not a daily basis (and so will your needs and goals). Think about this – as you drop weight, different combinations of food and different activities will begin getting you better results. So we give all of our HealthLife Club members unlimited updates to their meal plan, activity plan, and personal success plan. Log into your online journal any time you want, and get your program revised so all the stubborn body fat continues to melt off, and your transformation continues.
HealthLife Romance – Yes romance has a lot to do with your weight loss success. If you’re in a committed relationship and you drop weight – your ‘significant other’, husband or wife, is going to begin treating your differently – and you need to know how to be comfortable with those changes. And if you’re not yet in a relationship when you lose weight, you need to be able to handle all the new comments and glances you begin getting from those around you. So we’ve brought together world renowned relationship experts to guide you, so your relationships get stronger as your body gets stronger.
HealthLife Community – What if you were part of a group of friends who were also dieting – and you met for lunch every single day?

What if every time you were having a snack attack, you could talk to someone who would support you and encourage you to stick to your guns?

What if you had an exercise buddy who would hold you accountable to keeping your exercise goals – and who you would do the same thing for?
And what if you could do all of this and more - without ever leaving the privacy of your home or office?

Well you can.

When you’re in the HealthLife Club, you can “sit” at a virtual “café table” with friends – and share diet tips, commiserate about your latest close call – (the tub of Ben and Jerry’s that was calling your name at three in the morning), and celebrate the 3 extra pounds you lost this week.

Our fitness experts will even be popping in from time to time, and we’ll send you an invitation ahead of time to join us for a virtual lunch – and we’ll share the latest insights, research and tools while we sip on a virtual health-shake!

You can also find an exercise or motivation partner – and even if you don’t live in the same neighborhood, you can “meet” before your exercise routine, and give each other morale support and encouragement!

And, unlike some networking programs where you’re spammed by strangers wanting you to add them as friends, or who interrupt you at all hours of the day and night with emails or chat requests, you always have complete control over who joins your table, sees your information or sends you requests.

Your contact information is NEVER shared and your privacy is always carefully and closely guarded.

But the best part is - you’ll never be alone again, struggling to stick to your diet, get on that exercise bike, or having to tell Ben and Jerry that it’s over!

Instead, you’ll be surrounded by people who understand exactly what you’re going through, how you feel and who are interested in the same things you are – eating healthy, getting fit and living life to its fullest!
All this, and so much more for less than the cost of the newest diet book on the market.

In fact, starting TODAY:
  • You'll enjoy eating out and being with friends.
  • You'll never again have to worry about losing or regaining weight.
  • You'll notice results very rapidly - in fact, probably the first couple of weeks.
  • Even better than that, your friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers are going to notice the changes in your behavior and beg you to share your secret.
The best part? You can do it all WITHOUT struggle, sacrifice, or radical change!
Guaranteed Results… I understand I can cancel at any time, and after my 30 day trial for $1 is over. I am guaranteed the lowest price of just $9.95 per month for as long as I remain a member, and I can cancel at any time in the future, for any reason, with no obligation to continue. You have SO much to gain and nothing to lose except body fat.
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I suppose some people are genuinely happy counting fat grams, net carbs, calories, protein grams, servings, portions, and all the rest of it.

But in more than 18 years as a nutritional researcher, counselor, and author, I've never met such a person.

The people I've met simply want this: to be fit, healthy, and happy about their bodies ... and to be able to truly enjoy food, without guilt, shame, or negative physical consequences.

If that is what you want too, then I want to invite you to achieve that ideal state, through a process that is simple, natural, logical, and completely in tune with your body's innate instinct toward health and equilibrium.

...along with our thousands of other HealthLife Club friends.

Get started now and over just the first few weeks, you’ll reshape your body and lose fat from the areas you want to minimize most - like your waist, thighs, buttocks, hips, and upper arms.

See you inside,
Chris Guerriero

PS: There’s no long-term commitment, no sign up fee, no hassle if you decide to cancel, and nothing else to ever buy. All the tools you’ll ever need to reach your dream body are wrapped up in your $9.95 a month Club membership including your customized meal plans, personalized activity programs, expert support, sumptuous recipes, and expert guidance every step of the way.

This time it’s all about you!

Click here and let’s get you started.
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