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Using Diet to Fight the Symptoms of Menopause

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: June 30, 2008
  • Eat less red meat - Red meats can actually leach out the calcium from a person's bones, while at the same time adding high amounts of fat and calories to the diet. Since calcium loss and poor bone health is already a symptom associated with menopause, eating foods that add to the problem is probably not a good idea.
  • Eat your vitamins - Again we have the issue of nutrient loss. Certain minerals and vitamins can actually help a woman's body absorb other important nutrients. Vitamin D for example, helps a woman's body absorb more calcium, which in turn helps improve bone health. Magnesium in turn, helps prevent mood swings and is also helpful in dealing with sleep disorders commonly associated with menopause.
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  • Keep your diet balanced - As women get older, their appetite typically decreases, and they are not physically able to eat as much as they once did. In this situation, it is best to eat smaller meals over the course of an entire day in order to make sure the proper nutrients are being consumed. It might be necessary for some women to actually take nutritional supplements together with their "regular" meals to ensure a proper nutritional balance is maintained.
  • Prevent bone issues - Loss of bone density is one of the most common problems associated with menopause. Since less calcium is absorbed over time, the result is a loss of bone density that increases during menopause. A diet consisting of 1200 to 500 mg of calcium a day may be necessary for some menopausal women to avoid the dangers of bone density loss during menopause.
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