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Benefits of Exercise Extend Into the Bedroom

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: June 30, 2008
Sex is good. The benefits of a healthy sex life are both physical and psychological. Like certain foods and activities, sex helps release endorphins into the body. These so-called "happy chemicals" create a sense of joy and euphoria in individuals that is matched only by the effects of certain drugs. In addition to improving mood, sex helps boost the immune system, and even contributes to a longer life. Research has found that sex also plays an important role in easing joint and muscle pain, fighting depression, and improving heart health.

Despite its benefits, sex often takes a back seat to other more pressing issues. Sex requires energy, and after a long day at work, it is difficult to find the time or the energy for it. There are things that couples can do though to ensure that their love life stays passionate and constant despite the stress of work and everyday life. So what is the best cure for an ailing sex life? The answer is simple: good old-fashioned exercise.

The best way to increase sexual activity and sexual appetite is in fact with physical exercise. Exercise increases the body's production of certain hormones and chemicals, all of which contribute to a better sex life. In addition, exercise also helps burn off fat, while at the same time helping people look and feel younger and healthier. What is the best part of exercise? Working out can actually increase the flow of blood to a person's genitals, a factor that holds obvious sexual benefits for both men and women.
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Anyone who has ever taken part in a rigorous physical workout will attest to the "high" that exercise creates immediately following the workout. For many individuals, this high can last throughout the day, and can often find its way directly into the bedroom.

  • Recent university studies have actually found that three, one-hour exercise sessions a week actually lead to improved sexual function, increased sexual desire and drive, more orgasms, and an overall increase in sexual satisfaction amongst participating men.
  • The increased endurance that is created by a cardiovascular workout also translates directly into increased performance in the bedroom, helping both men and women perform longer and more often.
  • Strengthening the shoulders, abs, and chest muscles can also improve sexual performance and experience, especially since each of these muscle groups is used during intercourse.
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