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Ten Top Dating Tips for Single Men and Women

By HealthLife Contributor
Updated: August 23, 2008
It's not that single men and women want to be single, they are that way for a variety of reason. Todays world is hectic with work related schedules. Outside of work, singles are often busy with families, friends and other outside commitments that limited their opportunities to meet others. And so, life keeps going on for them as before.

Many online dating services reduce the time it takes to go out and try to meet that "someone special" for you. Not only that, this type of service increases your odds of meeting others that have many of your own shared interests.

Maybe you haven't had the best of luck before. Or it could be the very idea of dating scares you right back into your same old routine. Maybe the very idea of dating can almost feel as if you are going out and applying for a job.

Here are a few easy dating tips that really will work. They will help you more than you know through an online dating service.

1.) When filling out your information, don't be too over demanding about your preferences. This will limit the singles that respond to your profile.

2.) Do not narrow down the "body type" you are looking for. If you are going to be very descriptive with the facial features, the hair, the height, weight, etc. not only will you have to live up to these expectations yourself, a lot of the responders to your ad will be putting you under a microscope, too.

3.) Write your ads to stand out. So many single ads only tease at the edges and say what so many other ads generically convey. Speak from your heart. Who you are means everything. Let others know some of who you really are. If you write about romantic walks in the park, tell them why walking in parks is special to you.
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4.) Whether you respond to a single ad or they respond to yours, communication is everything. Get acquainted first through emails and phone conversations before dating. This will put both of you at ease.

5.) Within the correspondence phase of emails and conversations, you both are able to get a feel for each other. Are you connecting with each other? Does his or her profile information seem to gel? If you feel the single you are corresponding with is not matching up to their profile, a red flag should go off in your gut.

6.) Be yourself! You are not anyone else but you. Be who you are. You will stand a much better chance of meeting your match. You will have nothing to look over your shoulder over about if you do not misrepresent who you really are.

7.) This has all been leading up to that first date! If you both corresponded for awhile and all went well, there is no real reason to be extremely nervous. Excited, yes! You are both going to be excited to finally be meeting each other face to face.

8.) Choose a mutual place for the date both of you will be comfortable with. Dinner at a nice quiet restaurant where the two of you can talk easily. Maybe even a movie with dinner or a snack somewhere afterward. A loud party at your company's annual bash is not a good idea for a first date.

9.) Throw expectations for the date out the window. Everything might go according to plan but life will sometimes change those plans. Have the courage to be flexible enough with the date. If he or she does not want to go out for coffee after the movie then respect this. Don't try to force any issues.

10.) In the end, if things work out on the date, then maybe the two of you will have another one. If this date did not work out, don't worry and beat yourself up over it.

There are many other singles out there that will respond to your ad. Move on and don't give up!
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