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4 Ways To Steal 5 Training Hours Every Week!

By Jeff Anderson Contributor
Updated: July 03, 2008
There's an old saying by J.R.R. Tolkien, author of "The Lord Of The Rings" that goes, "Not all who wander are lost."

Well, while that adage may work for hobbits, it's a very poor approach to an effective fitness and nutrition program.

Like anything else in life, if you want to be successful in your training, you need to start out with a detailed plan. But you know what they say... "life is what happens when you're making plans!"

In other words, staying on track with a fitness plan is a real challenge in most people's lives.

Follow these 4 time-saving tactics and take advantage of the opportunity:

Waste Time – Waste Progress

Assuming bodybuilding isn't your fulltime job, you know that every minute of your workout time is precious.

Having a plan keeps you from wasting that time.

Plan your entire workout BEFORE heading into the gym and you can quickly move from one exercise to the next without having to stop in the middle of the floor, scratching your head figuring out what comes next.

Make the plan as detailed as possible.
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For example, it should include not only the body part you're training, but also the specific exercises you'll be doing, the set range, and the number of reps.

Bonus Download: You can grab my favorite free workout journal to help you plan your next workout at:

Time Saved: 30 minutes per week

Mass Meal Making

I recently conducted an interview with a well known Nutritionist who is married to a competitive bodybuilder.

I was blown away when he told me that in just 1.5 hours each Sunday, they're able to cook up, measure out, pre-package, and store and entire week's worth of meals!

Now you don't need to get that intense, but since most people find they eat pretty much the same foods each week, doubling up on a recipe can yield a complete extra meal that can easily be stored away in a freezer for the following week or two.

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