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Are you committed?

By Vic Johnson
Goal Achieving Expert
Updated: September 21, 2008
Like a lot of "jokes," the little ditty below is not far from the truth. It's talking about a person's romantic feelings but it can apply to anything.

I'd cross the hottest desert,
I'd swim the deepest sea,
I'd climb the highest mountain,
But I can't come over tonight because it's raining.

It made me think about how grandiose some of our goals are and yet how tiny and weak our commitments are to those goals.

Remember the old adage, "Plans are made in sand. Commitments are made in concrete."

Maybe circumstances have caused your plans to change, but if you feel your commitment wavering (or gone altogether) it's time to get back to the real reason you want to accomplish the goal. If it's still important then re-inforce your commitment - write it in concrete!
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